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fiverr account blacklisted


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hello so i'm a level two selller on this platform, and everything was going great when i started, i was getting arround 1k impressions a day, then i had some late deliveries like 4-5 months ago so i dropped until a new seller and on this period i wasn't getting orders from new people, so i thought that maybe the reason is that i was a new seller and my stats were just so bad everything was arround 70-80% and my avg response time was like 14h so i wasn't surprised of not getting orders, the problem is that i got back into level 2 seller the 15th of this month, and all my profile stats are perfect (i attached a screenshot) and all my last buyers left a 5 star review, like everything is perfect by my side and i'm active 24h on fiverr, but i'm getting lower than 100 impression a day on all my gigs, and my main gig that have 185 review on it isn't on the first pages of the platform, btw i'm in a nich where the is no big competition, there is buyers with 0 reviews on the first page but i can't find my gig in the first 20 pages, i'm always contacting the support about this problem but i'm always getting the same text from them, i feel like i'm getting puniched and my account is blacklisted on the platform, there is any solution ? 

here's the gig that i'm talking about :https://www.fiverr.com/slappyvfx/professionally-edit-your-fortnite-montage 



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