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Can someone check if my gig is okay?


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I am an architect and my gigs are based on providing architectural services.

But, I want to know if I can also publish gigs on providing data entry services and will it affect my profile in that case? Will I get lower in ranking and no orders?

Looking for an expert opinion.

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Hi @senorita20, I have 7 gigs, all in different categories, and it has only helped my sales. When one gig is down, usually I'm doing well in another. Also, most of my customers buy from 3-5 of my gigs (so the gigs are tailored specifically for them). As long as you are qualified and have the skills, there shouldn't be a problem with you offering gigs in different categories. 

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Yes, you can.

One thing to keep in mind: data entry is oversaturated, and it often looks as if those who don't know what to offer opt for data entry as something that doesn't require any skill (there are countless "make money online fast with no skill" videos and articles that mention data entry as one of the options). There is a possibility that some potential buyers will see you as someone with little to no skill if you offer data entry, and then they might question your expertise as an architect, too.

I'm not sure how much of an issue it will really be, it's just something to take into consideration when diversifying your services.

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Hello everyone!

I am a new seller on Fiverr and I have joined last month. I still didn't get any orders or clicks so far on my profile.

Any suggestions on how to get work here? I would be glad if anyone wants to go through my gigs and check if everything is okay.







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One way to rank your gig to the first page of fiverr is by following these simple tips:


1) Establish a clear and concise description of your service that includes what you will provide and how it will benefit your customer.


2) Utilize keywords throughout your description, listing, and header image (if applicable).


3) Write quality content that is fresh, original, and relevant to the search engine algorithm.

4) Use strong call-to-actions that encourage customers to book or buy now!


5)Regularly update your profile with new services or updates on current ones so that you remain top of mind for potential clients.

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27 minutes ago, senorita20 said:

Many bangladesh seller are available on fiverr who give gig promotion service, i have also buy service of gig promotion to bangladesh seller. Thanks 

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