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Hi community,

I need yours kind suggestion , my profile was created on last December 2021 but I am active in fiverr from last 4 month actively. now I have 7 gigs but now my gig impression is very low.

In the meantime I need to cancel 2 order because buyer post me order without consulting me and I was trying to complete this but timeline was too short to complete this order. I have request for time extension and approve this extension too but suddenly force me to complete this in short time. I was unable and cancel both by resolution center.

Few days ago I got an order and complete this with 5 star review. but my gig status is downing day by day.

I am active 24H, all time active through mobile apps and laptop too. also share my gigs in LinkedIn every day.

I do not understand what should I need to do, cancel all gig and post new gig or remove my current profile and open a new one. which will be beneficial??


My fiverr profile is 









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6 minutes ago, advanceseonahid said:

dear i  feel the same problem but if you thing so you need to talk  with fiverr customer  service and then you need to edit your gigs. i  got  some  result wish you best  luck

Can i talk with fiver support team for this purpose. what is the suggestion did you get. 

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Hi @razib_biswas,

You don't need to cancel your gig or your profile. Stick with the profile that you have. 

You also don't need to reach out to Fiverr Support because there's nothing that they can do to help you. It's natural for gig positions and impressions to go down, especially if you have two recent cancelations. Cancelations remain on your account for a rolling 60 days. The good news is that you can recover from this.

Here are some things that you can do:

If you have no impressions, you need to make your gigs more relevant. You can do that by following these tips:


If you aren't getting clicks and orders, it's time to upgrade your gigs so that it appeals to your buyers:


Here's a great article on how to market yourself:


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First things first you need to calm down. I understand having a bad rating and low impression can be scary, but it's not the end of the world.

The Fiverr rating system changes/resets every 3 months (or 6, I don't really remember right now).

Deleting your account and starting a new one is highly unadvisable, because a) It's kinda against the rules. And b) It will be harder to get orders and start from the ground up again because competition is so high on the platform right now.

Despite your current rating you will still get new orders, and low ranking gig status is very normal as well. Fiverr tends to rotate seller gigs and recommends others at the top of search ranking from time to time to keep things fair. They might just not be showing/recommending you right now but they will again because EVERYONE gets a spotlight at the top!

Hope this helps and I hope you have a great day! Keep up the good work! 💝

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Hi, Community, I would like to draw your kind attending the that I created my ID last year but still do not get the order from fiver. I am active over the phone and laptop. create my gig SEO, Delete old gigs, and post new ones after research. but the situation is the same. what should I do at this moment? looking for your kind suggestion to get the order. 

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Hi community, I have a ID which is old and inactive last 6 months. Now i have made it active and publish gigs. But my impression is too low to get the order. Hardly reach it at 50. Here in this situation what should be my best choise?? May I delete by support center or keep continuing.

Pls suggest me



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