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All Gigs Disappeared


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Before publishing a new gig ,if you go to create new gig option and edit it little by little then there is a chance that your gig data may clear because of refreshing the server .So a better solution is first write all data on google doc file then paste it on main section.But if the problem occurs after published your gig please contact with fiverr support

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Why would the server refresh or delete data, doesn't make sense. Once the info is saved its saved. If the server glitched you would only lose the last update not the whole gig. 

Support can see the gigs supposedly, but I can't see them. Support is telling me to clear cache, check internet connection, etc, so has not been very helpful so far. Even the advice about navigating the site's menus is out of date.

Any other ideas?



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You could try deleting your Fiverr cookies (like they probably suggest) and try logging in again and going back to your gigs page and looking for the draft gigs.

Maybe try a different browser. If you've not tried chrome you could try that.

Maybe ask Fiverr support to screenshot the page that shows your gigs to see if they show normally or if they show some other status.

Maybe ask Fiverr support to send you the URLs of your gigs (the URLs that you'd use to edit those gigs).


http://fiverr.com/users/your_user_name/manage_gigs/main gig url/edit?wizard=0&tab=general

Maybe in future keep the details (text, images etc) of your gigs that you're working on saved in a folder on your pc so you have a backup in case things go wrong.

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