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What can I improve when I can't improve? (Star rating system)

Guest xassbit

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Guest xassbit

I recently completed this order. The client requested me to draw a simple map, with few streets, and a highlighted path. I acknowledged the order as soon as I woke up and delivered as soon as possible (around 24h after the purchase, since the buyer didn’t add the Extra Fast extra). According to the feedback, the buyer was happy with my work, however he/she discounted on the five stars… This is strange and a bit awkward, since the argument “the ARS is my time to shine” doesn’t apply at all.

There is now way I could have done a better job without doing something that I didn’t say I would do, like delivering in a matter of hours. But if five star rated sellers are the ones who do more than what they promised, that seems to defeat the purpose of Fiverr. I’m not just being lazy, actually I do usually deliver a bit more - if a buyer purchases 1min of music, I tend to add some more seconds. This is something I could have done in any way with this gig.

This is a very easy gig, you ask me for a map, I draw you a map - if you don’t like fonts, typefaces, colours, etc… I promptly offer to modify the map as soon as possible. So either you like what I did it or you don’t. Now my rating for this gig lowered because of this happening.

Of course we know that this ARS means that if an order was rated above 3 stars, then it was actually a well done work. There’s no great distinction between four and five stars. Basically, the way I look at it, this doesn’t replace the thumbs rating at all, nor does it improve it, since orders are still either “good” or “bad”. If something, it turns the rating system more bothersome, punishing sellers who cannot defend their cause in any way. The problem is that buyers may not be aware of this, and I can think of some moving away because they saw that not all of my previous buyers were “completely satisfied”. And all this because someone was having a bad day, had a lower rush of dopamine when I delivered and because of that lack of excitement decided to give 4,5 stars to an order.

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