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No work, for a month; Do you think is the new algorithm?



Hi, everyone!  I don´t Know for sure if is the new algorithm, or what?  I´ll love the feedback  from you but, since the new thing. I haven´t work for a month, wich is not usual.  Kind of desperate, don't you think? But my gess, is the new thing. Some of you, have a clue or anything to say ? Thanks in regards!

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According to what I see on your profile, you have been working with Fiverr for 7 years now and you received 110 reviews.

That is an average of 1.3 reviews per month.

Fiverr is a business. Businesses want to earn money. To my opinion, your performance is not very high. So I assume that Fiverr is boosting gigs of other more profitable sellers instead of your gigs.

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