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Should I become an active seller on Fiverr?



Years ago while I was in college, I tried to start some writing gigs on Fiverr, but they never went anywhere. It was kind of silly of me. I realize I didn't post any writing samples or give potential clients a website they could go to. I also just didn't do a good job of marketing my services. For one thing, I don't like putting myself on video, so I didn't include a video. Plus, I'm not one-hundred-percent confident in the quality of my work. I mean, my teachers seemed to like it, and my clients didn't complain, but I have pretty high standards for myself. I've also ghostwritten before, but it was mainly for what you would probably consider content mills.

Do you think I should try to become a seller on Fiverr or similar sites or should I just stick to the ProBlogger job boards? 


Also, if you sell on Fiverr but also occasionally buy similar services to what you sell, whether for personal projects or just to check out the competition, how do you keep yourself from being mistaken for a fake buyer? I mentioned a couple of other sellers were kind of rude to me, and I'm now wondering if it's because they saw I had an inactive seller profile.   

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