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I found the payment is been cancelled without notification after I finished my work and got a 5 star review


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Customer Support:

I understand your point of view, however, as we were awaiting a reply from our relevant team as they were reviewing what has happened with the transactions, you asked the buyer for payment outside Fiverr, which is not allowed, and our relevant team has issued a warning to your account.
I understand that our responses can sometimes be a bit late, however, that is not the reason for the violation of our Guidelines.

Since nothing happened, I no longer trusted this platform could handle a huge amount of money, so I asked buyer to pay me outside of the platform. After that, Fiverr suddenly found the problem is solved, they could close the case without do anything and sent me a red flag today. That's it. Lucky me, the buyer is kind and pay me the money. Lucky you too Fiverr.

As a seller always decline any request that against ToS, I won't do this again. I hope Fiverr could do something for their sellers next time.


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