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A Modest Salutation, from BUBI Productions!

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Hello Fiverr Community, we are excited to have a swift greeting!

We are Doğu and Kübra, we have been working together on video and audio production for two years. This year, we have decided to join Fiverr with the name of BUBI Productions.

It is exciting to be here to say the least. We have been producing videos and music for the last 2 years as a couple and team in Turkey, from commercials and film VFX to album recordings and SFX. We are glad to go international and meet new people, and we are deeply sorry for our dry British humour beforehand.

For the last couple of months, we have been researching for Fiverr tips and potential gigs. We have started our business with simple ones like "short video editing" and "social media commercials" this month. Hence, we made our first sale last week. We enjoyed working in Fiverr and also getting very positive feedback! Although, we wonder how we could improve upon it; we have a well-equipped production studio to create VFX, 3D animation, recording/mixing film soundtracks, and we would like to use our skills to a full extent without shying away potential customers from our service with complex work and technical details.

We would be happy to hear your thoughts and tips, or just your greetings!


Doğu and Kübra @bubiproductions

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