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Average Response time just makes sellers respond with "Hi" and then silence...


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Average Response time just makes sellers respond with "Hi" and then silence...

What good does this do? I put out a bunch of contacts to sellers, all with average response time from under an hour and sure enough... I get plenty of responses... all of them "Hi!", "Hello there". "Hi, we'll be with you shortly" or what ever.

This promotes a deception as a value to the buyer. It is no value to me to have someone say "Hi". No matter how quickly they say it.

Then hoursgo by with no response... yet the sellers benefit from having responded.

Maybe see if the reply is significant? You obviously scan everything typed in to see if anyone say "pay" or "money" but don't try to make this response time metric mater?

At least put a minimum number of characters on initial response to consider it valid. Like a decent limit. I would also suggest that you check that against their previous responses so they aren't just pasting the same response that is 1 character longer than minimum or what ever.


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I would love if they got rid of the response time metric. I understand why they have it but I think it creates an unhealthy environment for sellers. We HAVE to respond within 24 hours - and ideally within an hour - even though the message might not be relevant to what we offer or is a total scam. If I want to spend a relaxing Friday evening on my couch, I don’t want to have to worry about someone messaging me. Do I respond right away and maintain my response rate? Or do I wait until tomorrow morning and risk hurting my average response time?

Personally, I always feel like I have to respond as fast as possible although I might not have time. However, I always do respond properly. Not like what you showed above.

Honestly, I have come to hate hearing the Fiverr notification after 4 years of selling. It basically means “go and respond to this message right now—or else”

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