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Sincerely requesting expert and experienced sellers to give some suggestions for my gig


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 I joined Fiverr in Oct 2022. I have submitted my first gig on “Social media posts and animations.”  

 I think due to a lack of proper experience in Fiverr, I am unable to get a good amount of impressions and any work order from a client.

 I do not understand what is wrong with my gig. 

 So I am sincerely requesting the expert and experienced sellers to give proficient suggestions for my gig and sample videos and images, for any rectifications if required.

 Link to my gig




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Hi @paragishani

In your profile you mention that you have many local clients. Why don't you direct your local clients to use your services on Fiverr? This might help you get initial sales and start building credibility on this platform.

Also, I think you show your skills very well, you just need to modify your bio and gig descriptions so that they not only show what you can do, but how you are addressing the pain points of your buyers. What problems/headaches/pain points are you solving for them?

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