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Action Required! Increase your visibility by completing your Gig information.


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Hi Community! I received 2 notifications today related to my 2 'Custom Websites' category gigs:

"Action Required! Increase your visibility by completing your Gig information."

When I clicked the notification, it took me to the edit gig page on the 'pricing' section, where It was written this:


I was offering basic price of $60 on one of my gig and $70 on the other gig before. But it saying to keep minimum of $80 or it will receive less exposure so I set $80 starter price for both of my gigs.

Secondly, It was saying to check a checkbox 'Functional Website' and change the Metadata like Website type, website features etc. These selections wasn't before there on custom website category gig edit page. So if filled those required fields and submit my updates to the gig.

Third thing I noticed, my gig is not now on the search page. I know when submitting an update to a gig, it goes to some reviewing process, so it will back to the search page again after some time.

Another thing I noticed that the 'Add Subscription' function is removed from both of my gigs. Well I already don't provide subscriptions on any of my gigs, but this option is removed.


Do someone has received the same thing? Any suggestions? I filled everything required and suggested. The only thing I don't want is the gig to de rank.

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