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  1. 1. Do you think Fiverr Customer Support is fair to freelancers?

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The main reason one uses Freelance websites like Fiverr is "Payment security" and the Escrow feature. We, freelancers, pay 20% off each order for these features and unfortunately, customer support always favors the Buyers without any reason.

There are numerous cases where buyers are just being unreasonable and after getting your work they know Fiverr will support them and cancel orders to get both the money back and the completed work. Such scammers are only thriving because Fiverr handles disputes automatically and no matter how solid proof you provide, it doesn't matter because Fiverr doesn't look at them.

I have been using Fiverr for 5+ years and have 5-star ratings after 100+ reviews. I put up a dispute request because the client kept canceling the order without any reason and just insisted that he is no longer interested. My request hasn't even been answered or reviewed yet and Fiverr has automatically canceled the order.

I have paused all my gigs, and promotions and I will not take new orders on Fiverr because of these unfair automated cancellations. Clients like these ruin a freelancer's reputation and time and Fiverr still favors them without any reason.

I will be providing my services on other platforms and voicing my concerns at a higher level. Until Fiverr fixes these injustices, I'll not be returning. My past 5 years on Fiverr were great but this has always been an issue and I hope Fiverr fixes its policies and values its freelancers.

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You will always encounter both good and bad buyers on every platform. Sometimes, things will work in your favour and at the other times, it may not. Fiverr is a very competitive marketplace. Quitting a platform is never the best decision. You may try others. I know it can be demotivating because you have put a lot of hard work on this project, but I am sure you will not quit. You said you have had 100+ 5 star reviews. It means you also encountered wonderful buyers. Most people on this platform dream of getting an order and barely get one. I know there are things which are beyond our control. But believe me, keep on doing what you are doing right now and always be careful the next time when dealing with any buyer. 

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That's a bummer to hear! Agree 100% that custs shouldn't be able to get away with treating freelancers like this. It's unfair and unjust, and definitely not what Fiverr should be about. It's a shame that Fiverr has been allowing this to happen, and I hope they'll take your concerns seriously and make changes to their policies. In addition, you can contact professional agents at https://privin.net for advice and protection of your rights. Good on you for looking for other platforms to provide your services, I wish you the best of luck.Hoping Fiverr can learn from this and make imps for freelancers going forward.

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