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Can someone check if my gig is alright?


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On 11/23/2022 at 3:12 AM, sahapiyal said:

Can you tell me why so? @psykkopatte

Unlimited revisions is a trap, a buyer can decide to make you work forever, add extra work all the time because it's unlimited and take you as hostage and if you refuse he can decide to cancel everything or accept delivery in putting a negative review.

Cheap gigs like yours are the perfect target for this. 

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14 hours ago, sahapiyal said:

@blazegoldburst All details were discussed in detail at the very beginning and work was also done according to that but after delivery he added more instructions regarding the work. How can I reply to a buyer's review? 

After they give their feedback and rating, you can. Also, we will never have control over what the buyers would do. It is completely their choice. 

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@abdullawp I offered the client a custom offer because of the type of work he wanted me to do and it had 4 revisions mentioned (not unlimited). I have also made 4 revisions to his work but he still wanted more. Basically, the 5th time he asked me to do the entire work from scratch because he forgot to mention an important detail in the beginning which I refused as that meant all my previous work will go to waste, so I suggested he can open a new order or end the current order.

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