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Resolution process in case of a dispute

Guest mayank5000


Guest mayank5000


I have done 5-6 orders till now. Recently I got a buyer, who is ill-motived. He actually doesn't want to pay. 

Initially they contacted me and asked that can I write content on a certain matter? I said yes and sent them an offer. They remained silent for many days and then after 4-5 days accepted the offer. I started working on it and after completing it sent them the file in chat and asked for suggestions, if any. They never responded to any chat messages.

Then as the time limit was approaching, I made delivery (sent the same file in delivery as attachment) in time. Then after 1 day, they demanded REVISION with a question that "what was there in the chat file". Silly question - why didn't they opened the file? Anyways, I replied and closed the matter.

They again demanded REVISION asking for some changes here and there. I changed it as per their requirement. Then again after waiting for 1 day, they demanded REVISION saying that "if I could make bullet points instead".

Now I approached FIVERR RESOLUTION center and asked them to intervene. They suggested me to "offer cancellation" and told that you'll lose the money(when I asked abt my earnings).

I said that I've made the delivery and they are satisfied with the content and now they want it in a new form (which they never told in beginning or during) just to frustrate me. So that I may cancel the order and they may get the content for FREE. But Fiverr instead of checking the details(chat and delivery) and clearing my funds, advised me to convince the buyer! While clearly buyer is on the wrong side and is ill motived.

What do experienced sellers say about such a situation and the role of the resolution center? 

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