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Why nobody buys my gigs? Help Me Please! :(

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hi guys I created 4 gigs 8 days ago but No One buys them 😦
why is it because I didn’t upload a video or what ??
plzz check out My account, and tell me what you think of My gigs
I would love to hear your comments, suggestions! 🙂

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<h2>Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5</h2>http://www.fiverr.com
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Nobody can help you except yourself 🙂

Try hitting around the forum to find tips to optimize your gigs. Do what is necessary and have some patience. Everything will be alright. Great wall in China was not built in one day my friend :-bd

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I have a few gigs that seemed like a great idea to me, but nobody bought them for a whole year! Try creating a few different ones until you find your niche. For example, I started with graphic design and added a writing gig for the heck of it after a few months. My writing gig made me a lot more than the graphic design gigs, so I focused on writing instead. You just have keep refining and keep trying new things. Also, 8 days isn’t too long… give it a bit and you may start getting orders.

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