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As @williambryan392, said here is no "best skill", also because "best skill" does not mean nothing 🤷‍♂️

Probably, if we had access and analysed all of the data of all the skills and gigs that are on Fiverr, we could probably find the gig that earns the most, the gig that gets the highest amount of orders, the gig that attracts more companies than common peoples and the gig that only attracts honest buyers (I'm joking the last one will never exist).

But the right gig you should open is the one you can actually do, that you are skilled for and that you feel confident providing to your customers 💪

Improvising is not necessarily always a bad idea, but to grow here on Fiverr you should focus on providing as much professionalism as you can. 

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A lack of communication skills will make it difficult to win potential clients' confidence, particularly those who are willing to pay a fair price for high-quality work. It will also allow you to better understand the client's requirements and ensure that they are satisfied with the results of your work.

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