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I would totally agree with my close friends who work also on fiverr.

The system about hidden review after order is completed its not revelant, we as sellers when buyer see hidden review what he only sees , he completed it, than pop up one more feedback now about seller to write. Buyers are lazy, or they just dont want to again do some review. Two reviews for a buyer isnt right. Your algorithm Fiverr should be enchanced not on hidden reviews but actual reviews, service provided, communication between seller and buyer.


At this moment you guys have added to much for buyers to actually skip and dont give feedback to the seller.

Imagine yourself, you go to some agency, they complete your work, than you have to spend time to revise one hidden review, than again continue to do a public review, who actually does that, i wouldnt do that i would just skip giving any feedback to the seller. To much time to waste ? And because of that i can see orders are going down, my sellers who always left a review not doing them anymore... If before people gave reviews now they actually dont do it.. 

You guys have to check what can be done by that

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Guest b1tofanactor

I agree with you. Hidden reviews feel underhand and if buyers are asked to give their hidden opinion ad that can affect one's personal algorithm status, why are sellers not given the opportunity. Many a time a particularly abrupt or demanding client gets 5 stars from me in public but I would be happy to give 4 or even 3 stars in private.

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Hello @oskars25

We believe you are doing well.

I totally agree with points added by @b1tofanactorHidden Reviews are always shooting arrows in the dark and you never know what is on the other side of the review from the buyer side. Knowing Fiverr months back, transparent review system where you can see buyer's and sellers review in a same plane was a great thing but now due to hiddenness, the review system is getting incomplete. 

For any service/segment you are working in Fiverr, reviews are your source of work satisfaction and quality service. If because of hidden reviews you are not getting that feeling then somewhere it is wrong. But as Fiverr is an dynamic marketplace which connects a good amount of seller and buyers in one place, its focuses new algorithms and methods to make this marketplace trendy. So the best practice we can keep is to embrace the newer methods they are adding on everyday basis.

Hope this would have added some thoughts to your question.

Best | Art_Tribe

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Guest dmc_art

Private feedback is the most stupid thing that Fiverr ever pulled in. Goes against sellers regardless if they're top sellers or not. Even if someone has thousands of orders, if only just a few clients leave a negative private feedback:

-affects your whole profile 

-affects your gigs

-can't promote gigs

-your gig ends up in the graveyard pages in the search 

-no new clients

-no profit

Wow, yeah, guess what Fiverr? Buyers give money, yeah, but your profit is made by the sellers. No seller = No buyer.

With this politic of downgrading sellers, you're losing them.

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