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New "Instant Reply" Feature needs clock symbol or similar indicator on messages


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Torn between "Bug Report" and "Site Suggestions", as it really is a programming oversight, but is in fact more like a bug that works against seller stats.

The new "Instant Reply" feature (Not to be confused with the "Quick Response" feature!), urgently needs some improvement: Currently, when the feature kicks in and sends your "Instant Reply", you won't get a notification or will see any kind of symbol that indicates to you that you still do need to reply manually, too, because it will count against your Response Rate, even if your Instant Reply asked the customer to provide needed info which they didn't, so the ball is now in their court.

This screenshot shows the issue:

Usually, you'll have that clock symbol in your Messages window, so you can easily see that there is still a message you need to reply to.

But when the Insta Reply was sent, it looks just as if you already replied to that message, and it's just a question of time, until your Response Rate will drop, depending on how many messages you get. Mine already did.

Can there please be a clock or indication of any kind that only the Instant Reply was sent to mark those messages? For now, I turned the feature off, so far it did far more harm than good for me. 

clock indicator or similar needed for Insta Reply messages-forum.png

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