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How to get Buyer request?


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1 minute ago, sunysuny998 said:

how to get Buyer request?

I think you mean Buyer Briefs, since Buyer Requests are gone now.

Brief & Match works differently than Buyer Requests:

1) There is no guarantee that buyers will get any matches for their briefs. Some buyers are being told by the AI that there are no sellers that match their brief.

2) Likewise, sellers are not guaranteed to get any briefs. If you aren't getting any briefs it's because the AI hasn't found any matches for you.

3) The AI isn't perfect, so even if you do get matches, they might not be relevant ones. The best thing we can do is to indicate why we are rejecting the briefs and hope that this will train the AI to send more relevant ones.

4) Briefs tend to be too brief ...so I have been rejecting them as being too vague. Briefs that are too vague aren't helpful for training the AI. It would be helpful feedback to the buyer to know that their briefs are being rejected for being too brief.

5) The Brief & Match is designed for buyers to be matched to sellers with the best quality metrics, so this system rewards high-quality sellers (regardless of seller levels).

6) Sellers shouldn't depend on briefs as a major source of orders. Just like a Fiverr's Choice badge, it's a nice-to-have, not a necessity. If you focus on improving your seller performance and gig so it attracts your target buyers, you should do well in Fiverr's search and should be able get a couple of brief-related orders too.

7) Pay attention to trends and adapt. In addition to Buyer Briefs, Fiverr has been pushing for sellers to be available via video conferencing options and now profile videos. This is making me seriously reconsider my "no video" business model - if I can't adjust to these changes quick enough, I'll be left by the wayside. Sellers should be willing to learn new skills and adapt if they want to remain competitive on the marketplace. Sometimes that requires that you change how you do business and get out of your comfort zone. Sellers who can adapt quickly tend do do really well in business.

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3 hours ago, vickieito said:

This is making me seriously reconsider my "no video" business model - if I can't adjust to these changes quick enough, I'll be left by the wayside

I wouldn't worry that much. Videos are not mandatory, nor will they ever be. I assume they might become mandatory for the Business side of Fiverr but here I doubt it. Who knows though.

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Can you guide or solve my problem? From the very beginning of buyer request updates, I am not getting matched with briefs. I have not received a single match notification till today though I have 7 active gigs with 16 reviews in different category. Will I get match or can anybody suggest what to do? I would be highly pleased if anybody helps me.

Thank you!

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