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Developer posting black hat SEO on a customer site


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About 3 days ago I hired a developer to fix a litespeed server problem, the .htacces wasn't rewriting permalinks on WordPress. He fixed it in about 20 hours, I was happy, so I paid him. I went to sleep and the following day I see in my WordPress a long post about casinos, with external links.

The time of the post creation (and category) was of about the time he fixed the problem (an hour later actually). Of course he still had the credentials to my hosting and Wordpress, which I only revoked when I found this casino post. I asked him about this and his answer was not convincing.

Of course I contacted fiverr support just now and I'm waiting for a response.

I'm clearly concerned and would like to know if this is a common problem with developers, and most importantly, if there's a way to protect against this kind of activities.

Did this happened to anyone? Is it common?

Hope to hear a guide about this important issue. Thanks.



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