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How to improve my gig?


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1. Fist you have to make a Eyecatching Gig Banner  (Suppose when you looking something if is it good i think you will choice Because this is Eyecathing & nice) or when your banner pic is good people will click your gig to know more. this is the fist point.

2. second one is off page SEO (to find or rank your Profile).

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FAST REPLIES - Win customers over with rapid replies, Use the Quick Response feature. Keep your customers updated during the entire process

KEEP IT FLOWING - When you are starting out, find a good profitable niche you’re good at, keep prices as low as possible, deliver quality work and deliver it faster. This will attract more buyers.

KEEP IT SYSTEMETIC - Create a system, templates, Fiver dollar gigs should not take more than half an hour.

NEVER SAY NO - If a buyer asks for revisions, just give them one else not only they will rate low but can cancel the order and all you did will be for nothing, which is not good for business.

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22 hours ago, jewel3820 said:

Keep these things in mind before publishing your gig

1. SEO base gig title

2. Positive keyword

3. Search tag

4. Attractive gig image

5. Gig image SEO 

And most important should follow Fiverr guidelines.




Following the guidelines is very important so is constructing a good and meaningful gig title

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