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Why I like the STAR rating, in my own way…


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Fiverr is the first place I started working online… And THANK YOU Fiverr for the service you provide first of all…

I have to say I am not a person with a lot of sales…I have been on fiverr for about 7 months & only started getting work only 2 months ago…Out of 7 gigs I had I only get work on 1 gig – graphics.

Ok here’s the comparison …. 

When the THUMBS were there:

The buyers can either thumb up or thumb down and leave a review why the seller was good or bad… And you need to message them to find out why, if they leave a negative thumb after providing what you have done according to their requirements. And sometimes a buyer will be happy to answer and sometimes not…

But with the STAR system :

The buyer can evaluate the seller & the work done by the seller in 3 sections :

Communication with seller – you need to find out what the buyer really needs, when comes to designing…

Service as Described – whether you provided the project as you have mentioned in your gig…

Buy Again or Recommend – even in a bio data we have our old work places as reference, so they can find whether this is the right person to hire…

I have attached two star ratings I got below.

The second one show what the client really thought about what I provided, rather than the comment he gave. Even though I gave the best.

Advantages of the STAR rating system:

  1. I am able to evaluate my work and find out the draw backs in the given 3 sections - Communication with seller, Service as Described & Buy Again or Recommend.
  2. Easy for me to correct my mistakes or problem areas.
  3. Even they appreciate my hard work or don’t like what I did at all, I know their true idea by the Star rate system.
  4. I am also able to understand about the buyer and his thinking pattern.

    But unfortunately there are some buyers, who wouldn’t review at all what you do, even if you message them kindly to leave a review good or bad.

    This is what I feel about the STAR system, there might be problems when it comes different situations. By understanding the above I have been able to manage my clients well, with proper & patient communication. And I have to say “ When you are a Designer, You need to be able to read your Client’s mind & be that mind to design ” after all he/she will pay you only if they like what you do in their eyes.

    Have a nice day!!!

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