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The relationship between buyers and sellers is strengthened



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2 hours ago, muzahid_muntasi said:

I have a query. Many times I see sellers calling buyers sir/madam, brother, dear all these words, how do buyers see it?

Or whether buyers like such words?

Buyers and sellers are not required to share their gender, s****l orientation, or age on this platform. Referring to them by these terms immediately places them into a category that might not be correct.

Also, using these terms in your gig descriptions can alienate you from buyers who may otherwise use your services (see @lloydsolutions's post about that here):


Using these terms can also be seen as unprofessional. You can read @smashradio's post here:


Don't assume gender even if you do get a personal name (especially when leaving a public review). You can spare yourself unnecessary embarrassment and improve your rapport with buyers with by keeping your conversations gender-neutral and using the buyer's user name. Even better, if buyers share their personal name with you, use that. 😊

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