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No order yet...:-(


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@repunzelz: This is kind of being a bit picky, but reword this sentence:

"I work for myself and the children who have no parents…i don’t have any source of income to live… so i want to earn some from Fiverr for me n the suffering children… "

to say:

"I am a single parent supporting my family through Fiverr. You can count on me to deliver high quality logos with guaranteed revisions until you are 100% satisfied."

The original had some grammatical errors and lacked a bit of professionalism. 🙂

You can also post your gig in the “Fiver Gigs” section of this forum. Perhaps give a special promotion. Something like,

"Order from me in the next 36 hours and get TWO logos for the price of ONE. Include the secret password “Betty Crocker” in your email message for 12 hour delivery, too!"

Just a couple of ideas. I wish that I needed a logo. I would try you out. 🙂 Good luck! And chin up! You are starting at a point in time when Fiverr is going through some very drastic changes. Hopefully, it will get better very soon. 🙂

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I think you should delete the current gig and create a new gig with these tips, dont worry you will get orders soon with my tips.

TIP 1 : Create gig title with search keywords by putting space until you fill up the title text input after that change it to any title not so long but something like I will create AMAZING logo

TIP 2 : Write a Strong, Meaningful Description about your gig (Check my gigs)

TIP 3 : KeyWords are really important put Logo,Corporate,Creative etc

TIP 4 : You have 1 buyer’s Request use it everyday don’t forget about it

TIP 5 : Use a Video if you can it does get you lot of traffic (don’t forget to share it on TWITTER)

TIP 6 : Your Cover photo is really important do not stick to just to show 1 logo once again check my gigs for examples

Try above TIPS you will definitely get lot of orders in the future

Good Luck!!

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Please stop posting the same question over and over and over. It’s rather obnoxious, IMO, and the forums have literally hundreds and hundreds of posts with advice and tips for new sellers which you can read to your heart’s content.

People have bent over backward to answer your (same) question each time, have already suggested the same things to you to change, have taken the time to help you. Now it’s time to learn patience and independence, like everyone else has to do, and try the tips that make sense to you, ignore the ones that don’t, and find ways to promote yourself outside of Fiverr.

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Reply to @repunzelz:

It’s clearly written why she is bothered, it’s because you posted

the same question repeatedly and being impatient.

I’m not sure when you created your gig, but often times it takes a

very long time to get your first gig.

Did you read through the forums? I hope you did, because a lot of

people have written about how they couldn’t get their first order for

several weeks, even months. They kept trying, promoted their gigs,

stayed PATIENT, and eventually got their first order. 🙂

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@repunzelz You posted almost exactly the same question at least 3 times. I happened to suggest that you not write personal issues in your gig description (which is almost exactly what @oscarthedog also suggested), and some other things that for some reason many new members such as yourself seem incapable of doing: that is, reading the forums, using the search engine for specific issues, being patient. And here you are, begging for help…AGAIN!

repunzelz said: infact she should encourage me instead of being bothered n rude

You're the one being rude, posting the same thing repeatedly. Either that or you are a narcissist who thinks the world revolves around her (since, according to you, I should be encouraging you). I offered some suggestions, based on my experience on Fiverr, but because I'm reacting to your obtuseness, I'M the one being rude? No, I'm just very annoyed. Don't worry, I'm done responding to your posts in any way.
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Reply to @celticmoon: See Again u r rude!

“you are a narcissist who thinks the world revolves around her” y r u being personal how i am or not?? if m asking for help… is it a problem for the people here…?

i heard about Fiverr users they r very friendly and cooperated but if they behave n get annoyed like the way u do…then m better to back off from fiverr…u enjoy!

and see… @oscarthedog… he was so nice to me…encouraged me in really a good way…even @mclabz also, but u r just annoying… i m a new user of fiverr…i didnt knw we couldnt post such things…the day u told,i changed…but… 😦

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