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Landing your first order???


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Hi @perez__, Welcome to the forum!

5 hours ago, perez__ said:

I recently joined fiverr and I have the skill set and competency. Any advise on getting my first order?

I do SEO Writing and Translation.

I would change your first gig image for the SEO writing gig.

You have "SEO Friendly Researched Plagiarism" listed across this gig image, making it seem like you are selling plagiarism. I'm pretty sure you meant "plagiarism-free."

If you are selling quality writing services, your buyers will be looking for quality. You promise that your writing is error free, so I suggest that you proofread your gig description and make the necessary corrections.

You also have no samples of your writing, so I suggest that you get some writing samples up in your gallery. You have 3 images and 2 PDFs that you can add to your gallery. When I was first starting out on Fiverr, my portfolio convinced buyers to purchase from me when I didn't have any reviews or orders.

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