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good track on my new gigs


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2 hours ago, mitolojii said:

There might be a buyer in a hurry. So the buyer can only look at online sellers. 

This is not a logic I think. If a buyer wants to place his/her order, he/she will do it no matter what time is it.. Seller can even get their orders when they are offline! Plus it is not relevant to impressions or gigs!

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On 21.11.2022 at 18:06, smartdezigns said:

Bu bence bir mantık değil. Bir alıcı siparişini vermek isterse, saat kaç olursa olsun bunu yapacaktır. Satıcı, siparişlerini çevrimdışıyken bile alabilir! Artı, gösterimler veya konserlerle ilgili değil!

I got my last jobs from people who were always late with deliveries. They had urgent work and they found me because I was online. I'm not saying that online people get more engagement, I'm saying that online people have the opportunity to get more work.

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On 11/17/2022 at 1:50 AM, lexisnexisit said:

I had no impression and click on my gigs but whenever I managed  to create new gigs last night, now I am receiving more impression and click. this very impressive.

Here, what do you mean by "managed to create new gigs"???

Did you create new gig, delete old gig?


Edit Old gig?

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