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i am unable to see the buyer requests


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11 hours ago, hasanbadshah said:

I am level 2 seller and have 15+ gigs active, i have completed more than 120 orders but today when i logged into my account, i was unable to see the buyer requests on fiverr account.

Buyer Request feature has been replaced with Get Briefs [My Business > Gigs > Set Brief (at the top right side)]. Enable the feature and test it with different prices until you get the relevant job.

Just a question: You are a Level 2 Seller and still you have not gotten any repeat client? Checked your profile. It looks like that you have opened your Fiverr account after 2 years?

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Buyer Requests are gone!? Oh no!!

Now where am I to go when I need to laugh at people's utterly ridiculous buyer requests!? 😭🤣

But on a serious note, I noticed buyer requests haven't updated for me for a while and came here to find out what was going on. Good to know that useless feature is now gone and removed.

It might help one or two times to get orders, but it was massively filled with spam from BOTH buyers and sellers.

Hope the new feature works better. But for now all the matches I get aren't a good fit at all!!

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