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Gig Extra, Messaging and Mobile App Suggestions

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As we all know already gig extras are offered in amounts like $5, $10, $20, and so on. What I am suggesting is quite simple. Reducing the $10 gap between each gig extra to $5 might just help i.e. instead of having a $10 gap in between $10 and $20, I suggest in introducing a $15, $25, etc. gig extra additions. This might just help to sell more with more revenue.

The next upgrade I’m suggesting is for the messaging section and mobile app. It’s quite simple. Lets assume that a buyer is contacting you via a particular gig of yours. But is not the most suitable gig for him considering the services he requested. Therefore we have to manually go to our profile and get the gig link and send it to him. Instead of this, there can be an easy feature which in form of drop box or any other form will display the gig you’ve posted and is able to suggest the to the buyer through the messaging system. This can be further extended to the mobile apps as well. Because getting links of our gigs via the Fiverr mobile apps.

Please post your own thoughts on this 🙂

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