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That happens when no one is interested or  clicking on your gig or even bowering their mouse over, your performance drops down and fiverr decides that your gig is not interesting enough for clients and starts showing it les and less. [ Answer from @mariashtelle1]


In the marketplace, a Gig's position is based on the seller’s performance over a set period. Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily. 

There are many factors to take into consideration, some of which may include: 

  • Order cancellations
  • Delivery rate
  • Responsiveness
  • The particular Gig’s maximum number of active orders in the queue, as based on your seller level.  
  • Other Gigs performing at a higher rate.

If other sellers are ranked higher, they may be consistently getting 5-star feedback, delivering on time, communicating quicker, and so on. It all counts. For this reason, ensure that you provide high-quality and original work, avoid late deliveries and cancellations, are responsive, and always remain professional.

The above is from the Help Centre. [ Answer from @lloydsolutions]


If you want, you can read this article too, hope you will get some ideas: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010452317-Best-practices-for-new-Fiverr-Sellers-Gigs

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Totally agree to all the postings above.

Maybe some ideas to increase your impressions (in best case sales):

Depending on your service you can provide you services on social Media (Tik Tok, Insta, Pinterest) and link your gig . Furthermore you can creating a website, providing freebies and provide your gig as an additional service.

But in the end, quality matters ;).



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