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gigs deranked on new fiverr account



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I see that you had a spike in impressions between October 24 and November 4 and got an order during that time. It may be because your customers left a bad review in "private" (not the one you can see) due to dissatisfaction with your work.

35 minutes ago, buisnessmods01 said:

hello there

I  have created new fierr account , I had been working on it for a while , It will going great at start but now the gig has started going down to zero . its been almost a weak I don't understand what wrong i have done ?
All reviews are with 5 star rating 


I can imagine your buyer's frustration since you are a content creator:classic_dry:


Although being "away" is still searchable, I can imagine a big chunk of buyers are searching specifically for those "available now," just saying.

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