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My experience in Fiverr of 1 year and a half being a freelancer with 18 years!


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I joined fiverr in the middle of the year 2021 with the idea of having a form of income, even if it is little. Being an astrographer, I knew I had to dedicate myself to it on Fiverr since there was also not much competition. It's what I'm good at and I had to take advantage of it. So seeing a lot of tutorials and tips online, I set out to create my profile and my first gigs.
I did all the tests I could, I put all my certificates and achievements, everything I could put to enhance my profile and that the client see that I work as professionally as possible.

It was difficult. The first couple of months I wasn't getting more than 10-20 impressions on my gigs and I didn't have any messages. I even gave up and left fiverr, I didn't enter the page anymore, but I didn't delete any gigs. And so it was like 6 months later, I had my first client. 6 months... That month I had 2 sales and my first $12. For the next 9 months, until August 2022, I had no more than 4 sales a month, hovering around 1 or 2 sales. It took me longer to power up on fiverr than many people will believe. And it was hard to see in forums or videos how people joined the page and after a few weeks they already made $100-$300 with a lot of sales.

I renewed quite a few times of gigs, I changed and created others, I improved the covers, I updated the tags, etc. I did everything that fiverr provided me to be able to grow on this platform. And it was not until last month, in October 2022, that the unexpected happened.
That month I had a profit of $428 with 34 orders. Every time I deliver a couple of purchases, messages from other customers reach me within hours. Between studies, and my classes from 8am to 7pm from Monday to Friday, it was difficult for me to fulfill all orders on time. But with good communication with the client, as well as adding lead time to my gigs, I was able to get organized and fulfill all orders on time. I only had to cancel 1 order, and 1 late delivery.



It's the middle of November, and at the moment I'm at $144 with 14 orders. I don't have the same rhythm as last month or the amount of potential clients I had at that time, but I'm pretty good compared to months ago. (the photo below are the statistics of my gigs these last 30 days)


I'm not sure what happened in October. I checked my profile and they never selected my gig to be "fiverr choice" or similar, but the algorithm helped me.

Although I must be surprised, because there are all kinds of clients in Fiverr. Despite meeting a high standard and professionalism of work and delivery, there was a client who bought from me 2 times and on both occasions he rated me between 3 and 4.5 stars. Despite contacting him the first time and telling him I was sorry if anything happened and that I would do my best to meet his expectations.

Or it also happened to me 2 more times, with ratings less than 5 stars, where I was working my best, and the client thanked me for the good work and everything, but left me a bad rating. quite curious and could not explain why it happened. But at least I had so many 5-star ratings that those bad ones didn't hurt me as much.

With this I can conclude this year with great joy, almost achieving $1,000 this year, which, being 18 years old, was an unthinkable goal months ago. I never imagined that I would have fiverr as a really secure source of income.

If I had to give only 1 recommendation to someone who is just starting out, it is to not give up or give up. Which is difficult at first but not impossible. With time and effort it is possible to achieve everything.
This year is just the beginning. Tomorrow I have an evaluation and I will get a level 2 seller. I hope that it will boost my sales again and end the year with everything.
I hope that this little blog will serve as an inspiration for someone and if you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to tell me to help you in any way I can. greetings to all and happy end of years soon.




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3 hours ago, mueez8 said:

Hello andoneph

Hope you are good

can you please tell , from which services you earn in October and November.

Hh, I forgot to mention that graph over there belongs to a single gig which grew exponentially. Thanks to that gig I got all the sales. in the other gigs I had no more than 3-5 sales per month. I'm talking about the photoshop gig (I guess you saw my profile).

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