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What happens if a buyer don't cancel a gig?




i have a current buyer which is really slow in communication.

He ordered a gig without contacting me before, and I sent him some Mockups in low resolution (and said to him, that these are just suggestions, because i wanted to know, which style he want), but after a long time he only said, thats not what he want, because its low resolution and he will cancel this gig *lol*.

Thats ok for me, because i don't want to work which such people, but he didn't cancel it until yet. I remembered him hours ago, but no answer. What will happen, when the deliver time is reached?

Have a nice day



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1 hour ago, mousemade said:

What will happen, when the deliver time is reached?

Your order will become late, and your "delivered on time" percentage will drop. A day or two after the deadline, the buyer will get a reminder that the order is very late and that they can cancel it; if they cancel it after it becomes very late, you will also get an automated 1 star review stating that the order was cancelled and that you have failed to deliver on time.

14 minutes ago, mousemade said:

So i should deliver?

Deliver what? You're only allowed to deliver fully completed work, and so far you only have mockups that your buyer doesn't like.

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