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Client is doing cheating::((



Hello friends,

I really need your help here!!

I'm working with a cheater who is doing a simply cheating with me. So, he placed an order with on 30th October where timeline was 5 days, I did my job and supplied the daily report on each day. He was happy to with all daily reports then I just merged all report in single report and supplied to him, he asked me to extend the delivery date by 7 more days as he needed more time to review, I extended the time.

Then on 8th November he came back to me with an addition work and small revision and said that please do this I'll pay you extra for this, that I did and supplied to him again he was happy with it, on last Saturday he again asks me for simple additional work and said this is last one and then we are done. I did that too and supplied him all docs, reports.

Now at the end he is simply asking me to cancel the order after wasting my 2 weeks, getting all daily reports 😞 which totally a cheating and he just mentioning I'm not happy work, I'm simply asking him if you are not happy then how you were happy with daily reports and works during 2 weeks.

He is just playing a game; he is charging the fees from his client but don't want to pay me for my work.

Can you guys please suggest me what should I do in this case??


Thank you

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