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Will this order be marked as complete automatically?



I recently received an order from a recurring buyer. The buyer sent me 6 files with the word count spanning 10k words! As I began to work on it, I realized one of the files is repeated (around 500 words). So, I contacted the buyer. However, the buyer hasn't come online in 5+ days! I submitted the other 5 files on time, hoping they'd come online soon. Unfortunately, they still haven't and the order is set to get marked as complete in 6+ hours. I obviously don't want them to pay more than is necessary. I contacted CS around 30 hours ago. No response yet! So, I've sent a cancellation request on the order page too (although I've submitted the rest of the files 3 days ago). So, my question to you guys is- will the order get marked as complete today? Or will Fiverr consider it an order in dispute? Thanks in advance :)  

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