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1 Month and Still NO CLIENT


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3 minutes ago, meh_mood_ahmed said:

Hi. its been exactly 1 month and I haven't got a single client. I have only received a spam message. Can you please help me with this.

Hi @meh_mood_ahmed, It can take a while (even several months or more) to get that first order.

Also, spammers/scammers often will target new sellers who may be more desperate for orders. I'm glad you can recognize them for what they are. Don't fall into their trap. Immediately mark them as spam.

The good news is, if spammers can find you, that means you are visible to real buyers, too.  Keep responding to messages in your inbox, and when legitimate buyers come your way, pay attention to what they have to say. They will give you valuable insight into how you can improve your services (and may also give you ideas for other gigs you can launch).

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