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Briefs being misused


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Definitely! I had briefs shut off for a while and recently figured I'd give it another shot. Needless to say, it's turned off again. I really don't like the feature because for me it's just garbage (although I know for others it does work). 

  • As you mentioned, I get many people self-promoting or saying they're looking for a job.
  • The jobs that do get posted seem often as ridiculous as the ones posted in the BR section, despite setting a minimum (unrealistic, still not fair pricing etc). 
  • It never fits my service. But that's perhaps because I'm in the creative writing section, so that's quite broad.
  • I get really annoyed by the email notifications that I cannot turn off. I don't want to be alarmed 2 times an hour about a brief. I'll look at it on Fiverr itself thank you! 
33 minutes ago, shalock said:

some sellers have jumped from buyers requests to the briefs to spam for work.

Although we hoped self-promoting behavior would stop, I think we all saw this coming unfortunately! 

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