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Auto refresh not working.



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Despite using an auto-refresher being against Fiverr's ToS, I want to add to the discussion that it's also completely and utterly useless. In the beginning of my Fiverr journey I, like many others, checked my profile by searching it and using the online filter. Oh no, my gig didn't show! I messaged Customer Support about it (don't judge okay I was a noobie and I learned 😅) and this was (part of) their response;


As you can clearly read, you need to be actively online. Simply refreshing the site, whether you or an app does it, isn't going to help at all. Besides being useless for online status and being against the rules, it also really doesn't help to get you orders.

Instead of focusing on whether you're online or not, focus on creating the best gig out there or working on your skills! 

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I had a total of 5 orders, and ALL of them came when I was offline actually. (Instant orders and messages from clients)

So honestly I think this "Stay online all day to all costs" is just a rumor that people who don't even know what they're talking about spread around. And especially new sellers are following it ending up in them getting frustrated and demotivated cause they stay all day in front of the Fiverr page waiting for an order which will most probably never came in anytime soon.

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