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What would you improve on my gig?


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Not sure why you really need to improve a 2k reviews gig ? Offcourse that's already a great gig.

Still have few suggestions for you. May be you can replace some extra details with needed details.  But note down every brain thinks differently.


Hello! My name is Andreea and I am a professional logo designer with over 10 years experience.

Unnecessary. Profile at bottom already tells that.


For this gig I will create a design, see examples above or see a small part of my portofolio on flickr.com https://bit.ly/36UJRWz (copy & paste this link).

Extra. Your gig already has ton of delivery with images.

Why choose my gig?

  • (ALREADY LISTED in reviews) 1800+ happy customers
  • (Something that buyer should say instead) High quality, creative and original design
  • (ALREADY LISTED in packages) Unlimited revisions
  • (ALREADY LISTED in profile at bottom) Working on Fiverr since 2013
  • (Something that buyer should say instead) Fast & friendly customer service
  • (Something that buyer should say instead) Excellent english communication skills.


You will get:

  • (GOOD) Logo in PNG (transparent background), JPEG 2000x2000 pix, 300 DPI, print ready
  • (GOOD) (GOOD) Editable EPS Ai PSD PDF etc. (see packages)
  • (GOOD) Full Copyright 
  • (GOOD) On-time delivery 
  • (GOOD) 1 or 2 logo concepts to choose from (see packages)


(GOOD) I can do different styles (let me know how you want yours): Retro, Vintage, Stamp, Badge, Heraldic, Minimal, Classic, Luxury, Seal, Signature, Shield, Feminine, Crest etc.




Still not convinced?

Send me a message with any questions or concerns and I will answer in the shortest time. 


I look forward to working with you soon,




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Hello everyone.

I am for a few years on this site  but I still think that my gigs can be improved. So if you would be kind and use a few minutes to check them out - I would appreciate your expert advices. Thank you. Andreea



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Hey Andreea!

You could probably do with some better gig videos. It has a watermark on it and no voice-over explaining your service. The valuable seconds in a video can be put to better use. I suggest hiring a professional video editor/animator to help you with it, and don't use an AI voice-over - please. 🤣

You claim to be a top-rated seller in your gig description. That's not true, as you're a level 2 seller. If I were looking for a seller to make my logo, I wouldn't pick the one with false claims in their gig description. 

Selling for five bucks is not a good idea. It comes across as cheap (and when most buyers think cheap, they think "low quality"). Nobody is going to put effort into a logo design when they earn 2-3 bucks for the job. That's just the truth, unless you're happy to work for nothing.

Besides, the algorithm prefers higher-priced gigs. Just look at the search results for your category. Do you see any five-dollar gigs at the top? 


Hope this helps 🙂


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Hello Fiverr people.

I am using Fiverr for almost 10 years now;  I still  believe that my gigs can be improved. So if you would be kind and spend few minutes to check them out - I would appreciate your pro advices. Here are my best gigs:



Thank you,


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