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Update: Buyer Request Replaced by Get Briefs Feature


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Finally, Buyer request discontinued and replaced by Get Briefs Feature.

Get the highest quality orders from the most relevant buyers that are strategically matched to your specific service.
Built especially for large and complicated projects, our smart algorithm uses the details that buyers provide to immediately find and match you to the most relevant orders.


Fiverr algorithm will match the seller based on the compatibility between a buyer's requirements and seller's service & expertise.

Since buyers are only matched with high-quality sellers, Fiverr uses a wide range of quality criteria that are taken into consideration to determine seller eligibility.


You can read more details about Get Briefs feature here. More about Get Briefs.


To enable getting briefs, all you need to go to your Gig List pages from My Business > Gigs > enable Get Briefs and put the minimum value to receive get briefs.




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