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Are you happy with a 14-day clearance?




I am level 01 small seller and i am not sure why fiverr takes 14 days for clearance the earning. But I think level two sellers can get payout 7 days. 

Fiverr keep changing and add new features but still not change that. I mean if we can giving extra small fee and get payout soon. It will be good. I know there is early payout option available for some sellers. But if fiverr can giving that option to others as well it will be good.  

Also I work some another sites as well (I am not going to mention them. 😇). And they complete the payout after completing the order or transferring files to buyers and completion order. (But they have updated policies, They use strict verification policies for creating sales accounts too. It not bad. It good.) 😊

But i know some times it's good option who try to cheat on these platforms. But if fiverr can update their policies and giving option to maximum 7 day waiting it will really nice.
Fiverr can investigate seller accounts for that. Sellers are always need to get responsibility if buyer request refund or if there any issues. 

Personally, I giving option on my side to my buyers they can take modification requests 7 days FREE. it means after completing order if they need to do any modification they can let me know and i am happily doing it. (But it happen only few times, most of time they request all modifications through completing period) 🙂  (I know it can't do for every sellers. But I share my experience 😊)

So, I believe seller need to take responsibility to if there any issues. But waiting 14-16 days is not fair in 2022. 😊 

Again I don't know what they do for 14 days. And May be they clearance those payments manually. 

So, Are you happy with a 14-day clearance? But I am Not. 😁



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Yes, we are happy even though clearance has nothing to do with happiness. Focus on orders instead of waiting for 14 days. In that way, you won't have time to worry about the clearance time. If you want payments in 7days you have to become a Top Rated Seller, or you can join the Seller Plus program ( invitational only) if you are eligible.

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