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Got 100+ impressions & 7+ clicks but no Order :(


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9 hours ago, ashfinfy said:

do some gig marketing on social media platform & be active


2 hours ago, fatemazaman833 said:

stay active Fiverr a long time

This both arguments have been proven to be wrong, please, stop spamming the same post all over the forum!!

As for the impressions, in my experience working on different search engines, conversion rate on internet goes between 1 to 5%, this is not an absolute of course and many variables have to be taken in consideration.

However, if you apply this, you have a first step conversion (from view to click) of 7%, that's good! However, to make those clicks orders you'll to redirect more traffic to your gig.

This social media thing works? I haven't tried, but seeing the amount of people with no orders that recommend it i doubt it (at least it won't be as easy as it sounds).

Lastly, the forum offers a lot of useful tips provided by experienced sellers about improving your gig, that could be a good first step.

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