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What can I do to get more orders?


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Hi there Tpack10!

Here is a simple method I follow: 

I begin by asking myself "Do I have any orders?" and If the answer is YES, I work on finishing that order and exceeding that customers expectations. 

However, if I ask myself "Do I have any orders?" and the answer is NO, I will then use all of my resources (time, energy and money) to increase the value proposition of what my account and gig is offering to potential customers. 

I had a look at your profile and you are already off to a great start! However there are still a lot of things you can do to increase the chances of acquiring customers. For example, you currently aren't utilising the power of the FAQ section. The FAQ section offers a seller a fantastic opportunity to answer the potential questions of a customer, and and distinguish themselves from competitors. 

You have also only used 700 characters out of a potential 1200 in your description. It's important to use everything a gig profile offers to provide your customer with as much information as possible. Remember, a custom incurs a risk when they use a seller for the first time. Therefore it's vital that you alleviate any potential concerns they might have with you and your services. 

TLDR: If you don't have orders, spend every second possible improving your profile. 

I wish you all the best in your joinery on Fiverr! 

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