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20 minutes ago, tharinduslaksha said:

Is He Right ?


@tharinduslakshait is inappropriate to comment on anyones personal appearance.

The forum is a friendly and relaxed place, free speech is encouraged BUT commenting on someones appearance adds no value and won't be allowed.

It's just not cool, and it doesn't help anyone. The forum is still a workplace, and professionalism is always expected.

It seems to me that @filipdevaere took your comment as a joke, which is fortunate, he would be justified not to.

Please don't comment on someones personal appearance again.

22 minutes ago, tharinduslaksha said:

'mo de ration team" What Is It ? (I'm New To Fiverr)

@mariashtelle1 is referring to the Forum Moderation team (which I am part of).

You are not new to Fiverr @tharinduslaksha . You've been on Fiverr since September 2021, and the Forum since October 2021.

You should know the rules by now.

22 minutes ago, tharinduslaksha said:

how will he say as it is a scam

@filipdevaere said 'spam', not 'scam'.

I would agree, this topic from @forhadahamma143really doesn't add much value, which makes it spam.

Additionally other comments from OP are usually 'nice' or 'ok' which again adds no value to the forum.

So, friendly reminder to everyone, be respectful, don't make personal comments and please only contribute to the forum with well thought out, original and meaningful content.

Failure to follow the rules can result in warnings, suspensions and bans.

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Hi Everybody!

Yes, I agree with everything @williambryan392 said. 

@tharinduslaksha you are not new neither on Fiverr nor on Fiverr Forum. You have to understand that not everyone share your sense of humor.  

Please take a few days to thoroughly read Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2021 so that you can comprehend what the Forum is really about. 


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