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You should stay online when you’re available for work. You should never be online when you’re not, actually, online.

That means no tricks, no plugins to autorefresh (which can get you banned!). I always carry the app with me to answer any messages or requests on the go, and I keep the website open while I’m in the studio/office.

When I’m offline, I’m offline. There’s no “set time” you have to be online every day. But often, I’ll find myself contacting sellers who are indeed online (filtering out the offline ones), so staying active and online is absolutely important. But that also means that you have to be available to answer any messages quickly! If you’re “online” but in fact, are not available right away, that will just annoy the buyers, and not get you any more business.

Keep in mind that you may get banned with using any tricks to stay online while you’re not actually available, so don’t do it.

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3 minutes ago, mariashtelle1 said:

@williambryan392 @Lena looks like this person need some attention from mo de ration team. He is having to much fun with personal attacks. 

'mo de ration team" What Is It ? (I'm New To Fiverr)

I didn't give him a personal attact. He said the topic starter as scammer. So, What Do you thinking about it ?

Fiverr community is to ask questions,So, how will he say as it is a scam ? Even the topic starter didn't add a link (No any BeEF Link, Hooking Link, Hacking Link). So, How Will It Be Scam ???


That is why i called him as Mr.Eggie. Actually, I Like His Behaviour. But, It Is Wrong.

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8 minutes ago, tharinduslaksha said:

Is He Right ?

Whether he is right or not.. But you should at least respect every other person! Why attacking him?

You said you are a new seller here.. So this is how you are gonna treat your buyers too like the way you did with the senior (filipdevaere)?

Anyhow, refrain yourself from doing this!

Secondly, it looks like the Topic Creator has been doing posting irrelevant questions already. It's not the 1st time (I believe) so looks like it's SPAM!

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Spelling Mistake!
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