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Paid for my order (Twice!), did not receive it (not sellers fault, fiverrs' fault)


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So I made an order for a gig, done the payment via paypal.

  1. Ok, it’s not asking for any order details? I guess it’ll do that after? uh oh! NOPE. Gives me a screen saying "Please wait, processing… "

    Then a screen saying “We’re working on it, we’ll email you once your order is ready” with a picture of a box?

    Ok, I’ll wait, i think. 20 minutes later email comes through saying this.

    “We noticed you didn’t complete your order

    So we’ve saved it for the next 48hours

    SELLERNAMEHERE would like to get started on the order but is waiting for you to complete your purchase. Complete your order now or feel free to contact SELLERNAMEHERE with any question.”

    “Complete order” <---- takes me to the pay option, so I pay for it AGAIN, thinking it was some bug, then get the same email AGAIN, order is nowhere to be found in my order history yet payment has been taken from my paypal account twice.

    Very pissed off at the moment.

    EDIT:- after contacting the seller they confirm that they have not received my order.

    First time on Fiverr, not a great first experience.
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This is becoming quite common. I had it happen twice with buyers who tried to buy from me using Pay Pal. Why isn’t fiverr fixing this? I tell all buyers who has this problem to contact Fiverr customer service or they may not be aware of the problem to fix it.

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