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4 hours ago, emmaanimator1 said:

As I see my gig is active but not appearing in searches, my gig was ranked on many keywords, now it's not on any single keyword. Kindly Solve my gig problem, I am a level 2 seller and nowadays my gig impressions are 0. And am I also unable to On Promotion?

Hi @emmaanimator1, if you've had a negative private review (which you'll never see), that can cause your impressions to tank. Usually a negative private review can stay on your account for 90 days or more. The best remedy is to get more orders with positive private reviews to boost your seller performance so that the search algorithm sees you as more relevant (and will make your gig more visible). This can be difficult, but there are ways to get orders without depending on Fiverr search or promoted gigs.

Here are some ways that you can market yourself:


This article contains more from the same forum member on how to get out of the sales slump (note: instead of Buyer Requests, consider Buyer Briefs):


If you are on Seller Plus, there's other ways to bring in orders that are not based on organic search (such as offering past buyers coupons).

When I do get buyers, I get an average of 5 orders per buyer due to planning ahead. While working on the current order, I always talk with the buyers about their needs and future projects. I have some buyers that are discussing projects that they want completed 6 months to a year from now. The more repeat buyers that you get, the more resilient your business will be. You can have 0 impressions in search, but have a thriving business because of your repeat buyers.

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