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I'm from India 

I've been doing Fiverr gigs but I don't have impressions for 8 days i got 13 impression on Fiverr

Please anyone with idea on what's happening?

Please Help if you can also recommend any gig I can make Faster Money on Fiverr As well   

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On 11/2/2022 at 3:33 AM, retwaqak said:

I can make Faster Money on Fiverr As well   

If you want to success on this platform you should avoid this type of ideas in your mind. there aren't any person success fast. If you are new to this platform just see how many seller are there in your category. after you can take an idea how much you have to work to be success fast. 
Impression is depending on your gig where at currently position. 

I give small tips. try to do if you can. 

1. Use best keywords according to your job category. 
2. Don't write a essay on the gig description. Just put what you offer and your services. (buyer can identify easily that who you are and your services).
3. put an attractive gig images according to fiverr allowed ratio. (use your own images)
4. Try to response buyer request according to the client requirement. (Don't use any templates or copied texts)

last one is most important, "Don't give up until you succeed". 

If you want success in here, you have to work for it and you have to achieve your target. That isn't easy, But you can. Keep in your mind, you can't earn easy money in here. 

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