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Fraud Buyer cancelling the order and taking the money back from completed order



Hi guys, 

This is probably the third time I have faced this issue in the past 6 month with the same fraud buyer. She was a long term client for me and suddenly i guess she found a hack to take back the money once the work is completed and submitted. I successfully completed two orders with her which she reviewed as 5 stars and one fine day I get a notification that those same orders got cancelled because apparently she filed a dispute in her bank for her credit card due to which the bank will get back all the money she spent from her credit card. And this way my hard earned money automatically even after getting cleared in my fiverr wallet got transferred back to her. I filed a dispute with fiverr and by multile back and forth conversations they won one dispute and gave me back a certain compensation from one order which was a little less from what i had earned and I did not hear anything about the second cancelled order. I let this pass. Nw again the buyer got back on the platform disguised as someone else and took my service. Later through talks she revealed that thats her and I felt trapped. I submitted the work and she downloaded it through order page (It was an AUTOCAD file hence no watermark issues). As soon as she received the work she started cancelling the order with a reason that its incomplete. I took the issue again to fiverr customer support. And in the meantime the buyer started abusing me on the order page saying to cancel the order from my ened. Sending threats of making other accounts and giving me one star review and kicking me out of the platform. I sent the screenshots of it to fiverr. But i think a buyer abusing a seller is not a big deal on this platform because instead of taking any action they came up with a solution that I should cancel the order from my end and they will not let my order completion rate get affected. I dint want to cancel the order because eventually this will be her win, because she got the work and now she ll get the money too. So i asked fiverr not to cancel the order from their end nor will i do it. But again i faced the grunt of this issue because today automatically the order got cancelled through her bank and she did the same thing and this has severly affected my order completion rate again which will demote my seller level. How is this justified? I work as a full time freelancer on fiverr but now it looks like I am at a wrong place because neither am I getting any justice done nor the issue is getting taken seriously.

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14 minutes ago, nidashaikh9 said:

am I getting any justice done nor the issue is getting taken seriously.

Try to keep persuading it, some times it takes fiverr few back and forth before they really look into it. 
Definitely contact them again and ask to fix your completion ratio. 
though they can’t do anything for that buyer creating new accounts, that’s not very traceable. But most likely they do remove and ban her accounts as soon as she makes a chargeback. 

16 minutes ago, nidashaikh9 said:

Later through talks she revealed that thats her and I felt trapped. I submitted the work

That was a mistake. You shouldn’t have submitted any work. Just go to CS next time before delivering work and ask them to cancel the order. That way you at least don’t spend time working on the order and it wouldn’t affect your stats 

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