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I am not getting any Fiverr briefs

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I am Quite upset with this Fiverr brief feature. I haven't received a single brief since this feature roll out. It's not only me, thousands of sellers are complaining about it and fiverr has turned a blind eye on night. Their support team isn't helping sellers properly. I was getting good orders with buyer requests and also direct orders.
But even after delivering 10+ orders in last 2 months my profile is deranking on daily basis and I have no idea why is it so. Is there anyone who can help me with Fiverr brief?

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1 hour ago, sulemanhassan49 said:

my profile is deranking on daily basis and I have no idea why is it so. Is there anyone who can help me with Fiverr brief?

If your gig is not getting many impressions, most likely you won't be getting many briefs either. Both the marketplace and buyer briefs operate using smart algorithms to match buyers to the most relevant services. So if you aren't considered relevant in search, you probably won't be considered relevant for briefs either.

Your relevancy will be determined by your title, tags, gig descriptions, and seller performance. Make sure you are using keywords that your target audience will use when they look for you in search. You are a web designer, so you have a lot of technical knowledge. Your target buyers do not. You can read more about that here:


When you speak the language of your buyers, you will be more relevant in search and will start being considered more relevant when your target buyers search for your services.

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Hi, I have been working on fiverr since April 2021. I did good and become level one seller but for this new update of fiverr,  I did not get any brief for whole month, and I am so upset for this. Can anyone help me or suggest me to overcome this situation. Note: I have updated my gigs and my getting brief option is on, still nothing!

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@sulemanhassan49 @mutaharhafeez9 @nilimamim508 @artbywilwarin @zesad_hossain12 @jannatul52

Ok, so you're not getting buyer briefs.  So instead of blaming the system, have you asked yourself these questions


a) What have you done to make your gigs truly unique?  

b) What have you done to get buyers to land on your gigs and say wow?

c) What new skills are you learning while your not getting orders?

d) What is your business plan to diversify outside of Fiverr whilst your not getting orders on here?

e) What are your successful competitors doing that you aren't ?

f) Have you spell checked your gigs to make sure they are 100% accurate and easy to read?

g) Have you checked your gig images to make sure they render correctly across all devices?

h) Have you copied anyone elses gig? as this is against Fivers TOS

i) Are you making any outrageous claims about your abilities that make people think, Seriously ?????


Sometimes you may think you have done everything you can, but in reality you haven't. If you're in a niche with 100,000's of other people competing for the same piece of pie as you, then YOU need to come up with something truly exceptional to generate sales. Otherwise you're just average. 

It also pointless just changing your gigs for the sake of it without any research, otherwise you're just throwing Sh!t on a wall hoping it will stick.  The successful freelancers on here have worked tirelessly to understand their business and their customers. This is done over many months, even years. NOT WEEKS! 

Finally ask yourself this question.   If you're gigs are not up to scratch, why would Fiverr want to showcase it in front of clients.  It would be brand damaging, so the reason you're not getting any buyer briefs is probably down to you, Not Fiverr!!!!    

So Stop complaining, stop feeling sorry for yourselves and take action.  


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This essentially means that smaller businesses, or even start-ups, find it harder to get work, as only well-established and well-promoted users get opportunities. 

New users cannot pay for advertising and the new feature is only available to those who are ALREADY relevant. 

The new feature will make it easier for larger businesses to win bids for jobs, which must have been difficult until now, as it was more likely to be won by those who were otherwise working at a lower price as start-ups. 

Thus, fiverr gets a greater benefit from the 20%, as these sellers are already somewhat established in the market and working at a higher price. 



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